Please join us for the closing reception of our first show, Interludes and Remnants, Friday January 31st from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Stephen Decker will present a DJ mix with a video projection at 8:00, and Jennyfer Haddad will conclude a 50-day-long work.
After living with Jennyfer and Stephen's work for several weeks I've come to some conclusions that weren't apparent to me initially.

Stephen Decker's sound work changes the architecture of a space without changing it physically. He makes you feel other areas of the room that you aren't in. A room can be made to feel lop-sided through sound. When we began talking about this project he told me:
I like to consider the gallery as a nervous system of sorts that can determine my activity.
Jennyfer Haddad's performance, which entails refreshing a different “extra,” a fish eye, for 50 days, feels both like a pill regimen and a religious counting ritual. Her work challenges what can count as a character, and whether a character alone can constitute a performance. I think Haddad and Decker's work can be thought of as ecosystems, where the artist's role is to initiate live processes that can have their own autonomy.
This will be the last day–the 50th day of reenactment of the 50th extra-fish eye that sat and observed the Headache happening. The fridge, the waiting room, is now empty. All the extras are gone, they did their part/role. Only one person replied to the Craiglist ad–a Male who thought he resembled the woman in the cover. It was the extra-fish eye of the 8th day that 'saw' this...The tags in front of the wardrobe on the floor are piled up. Dust has piled up on top of the wardrobe station/scene. All the cards–the pills–were distributed and it is the last day of the cup of water (ipod video) 'For You!' The end. We are after the Headache happening.
Click here to see images and video of the Headache happening.